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  • Card type or independent structure,which is applied to centralized management 4U framework.
  • 8-bit digital code and non-compression type video transmission
  • Support any high-resolution video signal
  • 5Hz-10MHz video channel
  • Automatic compatible PAL, NTSC and SECAM video system
  • With APC circuit, constant input optical power, and large dynamic range
  • Kilomega optical fiber transmission, large capacity, and easy to upgrade
  • Power supply and other parameter state indication, which can monitor the operation condition of system
  • Support no-damage regenerative trunk of video
  • Advanced self-adapting technology, and it is unnecessary to implement the sdjusment of spot electrics or optics when using
  • Industry-grade design and modularization design make the equipment reliable and flexible
  • Can automatically restore the fuse of power supply
  • Full built-in power supply, and the appearance design ofshell is unique.
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